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Ever been in a rush to go somewhere or do something and realized, oh no, I need to feed my pet? The RolliPet Smart Pet Feeder is a, well, ‘smart’ feeder that can help keep your pets well portioned. You can schedule feeding times so they get fed exactly when they need to, and your phone will notify you when the deed is done. How awesome is that?

Sometimes we are busy and we just don't have time to stay with our pets, so we couldn't feed them on time or right amount. The RolliPet Smart Pet Feeder is designed for portion control so you can help your pet diet their way back to health. Each portion of pet food is measured in one single cup.

Using your RolliPet App, you can schedule for an 8am feeding time with 2 cups dispensed and another schedule for 7pm feeding time with 3 cups dispensed. You’ll be notified on your phone every time your RolliPet Feeder dispenses food for your pet.

What makes it unique is that you can record your voice and set a greeting before feeding. Two-way audio makes it so that you can talk and listen to your pet. Video surveillance allows you to check your pet's activities.

Best Features:

  • Video and voice interaction
  • Transparent top cover
  • Top lock design
  • Control food distribution by scheduled or manual feeding
  • Removable food tank

It received mix reviews from some customers who has been using the product in Amazon giving it a 3-star rating. One customer said that the app is not as good as other users have reported, but it can clearly schedule meals, check on their dog with the camera and mic, and it provides clear notification if the RolliPet has any errors.


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