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Play music. Control your thermostats, lights, and all your other smart appliances. Order a pizza. The all-new Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) is the new Dot on the block. It's smaller in size and comes with a glossier finish and a volume button (instead of the rotating dial) on the top. It can understand you better because the new Dot comes with 7 microphones and a new speech processor. 

The Amazon Echo Dot can do anything for you. It is a small voice-controlled device that uses the same far-field voice recognition as the Amazon Echo. The Dot can recognize your voice and your command across the room even when the music is playing. Just speak the "wake" word to trigger the Dot. 

Furthermore, You can use more than one Dot, just as long as you set a different "wake" word for each so they'll know which of them you are talking to.

Best Features:

  • Smaller in size with a glossier finish
  • Improved voice recognition
  • Connects speakers over Bluetooth 
  • Cheaper than the first version
  • Equipped with built-in speakers so it can function as an alarm or as your kitchen assistant


Part Number
Product Size
1.3 X 3.3 X 3.3 Inches
Package Size
1.89 X 3.9 X 4.69 Inches
0.36 Pound


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