These Amazon Wireless Echo Buds have built-in Alexa for voice commands

Amazon Wireless Echo Buds

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    Amazon is offering its Wireless Echo Buds for $89.99 plus free shipping. Normally $130, you're getting $40 off the full price which is an excellent deal on true wireless earbuds with Alexa built-in. They also feature active noise reduction technology.

    Amazon’s new Echo Buds are the company’s first wireless earbuds, so prepared to be blown away. Amazon has put Alexa in your ear, so you can basically do a lot of stuff hands-free, like playing music, making notes or calling your friends. They include Bose’s proprietary noise reduction technology to help eliminate outside noises. And the most surprising part is just how good they sound.

    These Echo Buds have probably exceeded your expectations, thus warrants some excitement. The Echo Buds are nondescript, come in only black, and lack the signature blue LED that you might expect from an Echo/Alexa product.

     Best Features:

    • Immersive sound, crisp audio

    • Hands-free with Alexa

    • Access other voice assistants

    • Voice control

    • Long-lasting battery

    • Customizable fit for better sound


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