AosKe Floating LED Pool Glow Light Cube

AosKe Floating LED Pool Glow Light Cube

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Instantly turn your garden or pool area into a magical spot with these AosKe Floating LED Pool Glow Light Cubes. They're color-changing cubes that add a little bit of festive feel in your area. When you make them float on your pool, they create a diffused lighting effect in the water, making pool parties even more fun and memorable.

You can also place them in your garden or patio area for a unique vibe. They're perfect for entertainment and decoration purposes. They're safe, weatherproof, and don't produce much heat. Choose from up to 16 colors and 4 flash modes.

Best Features:

  • Fully waterproof at IP69 and weatherproof
  • Mood light for decoration indoors or outdoors
  • 16 different colors and 4 flash modes

So far, the AosKe Glow Light Cubes have maintained their 5-star rating on Amazon. Users say that it's one awesome product and are perfect for pool parties. Some users don't have a pool, so they just use it as an outdoor decor. Kids love them too.


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