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My partner always asks me if I have locked the door every time we're leaving the house. I know he just wants to keep our home safe, but it drives me crazy sometimes! That's why I'm thinking of giving him August Connect as a gift so he doesn't have to ask me all the time. But what exactly is August Connect? Well, it's a  useful accessory, especially to those who are very particular (or forgetful) when it comes to home security.

When paired with the August Lock, it lets you know if your doors are locked or unlocked via your smartphone. If you forgot to lock the door, don't panic; you can lock and unlock the door through your smartphone too, as long as there is Wi-Fi access.

Not to mention. you'll also get notifications when someone comes or goes from your home. That means this is a great product not only if you forget to lock your doors (or have a partner who worries that you forgot to lock them), it is also great if you need to say, let your family and friends into your home while you are away, but don't have the time to make them a key.

Best Features:

  • Lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the world
  • Check to see if your door is locked from your smart device
  • See who enters and leaves your home by receiving alerts to your smart device

Unfortunately, August Connect only received a 3 out of 5 stars overall, with some users remarking that the product works well, and others saying that it is great in theory, but not ready for prime time. Other users loved it despite the challenges mainly because of the convenience that it brings them.


August Lock
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