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Amazon is offering the August Smart Keypad for $44.99 + free shipping which is nearly $35 off the regular price. That's a great deal for this smart security keypad that pairs with the August Smart lock and similar smart home devices.

Alternatively, Wal-Mart is offering the August Smart Keypad for $44.99 + free two-day shipping, as well.

The August Smart Keypad is a clever little device that allows you to pair it with the August Smart lock (a smart deadbolt in essence) to enter your home, even if you forget your keys -- or worse, you forget your phone! How does it work? Well, when placed within Bluetooth range of the lock itself, this keypad allows users to enter in a code, which if entered correctly sends a signal to unlock the door. This is particularly useful if, as just mentioned, you forgot your keys, but is also really great if you need to let people into your home throughout the day while you are away. Just give them your code and change it later if you'd like to ensure security.

Best Features:

  • Allows one to give access to their home to others without having to make spare keys, while also having sole control over when access via the key pad can be granted
  • Easy to change passwords and has customizable settings via the smart phone app
  • Small, discrete and easily concealed

Overall the August Smart Keypad receives a rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Users claim it looks great and offers a lot of really cool and helpful features, but it just isn't quite ready for prime time yet.


August Lock
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Dark Gray
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0.9 X 2.9 X 1 Inches
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2.4 X 4.5 X 5.7 Inches
0.06 Pound


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