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August Homekit-Enabled Smart Lock - 2nd Gen

August Homekit-Enabled Smart Lock - 2nd Gen

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Amazon is offering this August Smart Lock (2nd Generation) in silver for just $99.99 plus free shipping. That means you are saving 57% off the retail price, which makes the best deal we've seen on this smart lock. Price is subject to change.

How many times have you left your house and remembered that you forgot to lock the door? How many times have you come home after it's already dark outside with your hands full, and had to fumble with your keys to try to find the right one? How many times have you needed to let friends and family members into your home, but just don't have enough keys to go around? If you are like me, or really anyone living in the world today, the answer to all of these questions is probably ... "too many times to count". However, now thanks to this wonderful age of technology we live in, there is an awesome solution! Enter the August Smart Lock (2nd Generation). 

This is a super cool smart home locking system (that happens to be HomeKit-enabled) that's going to let you unlock and lock your doors using only your smart phone! That's not even close to the best part about this product though. First, you are never going to need to worry about forgetting to lock your door again, because this smart lock can sense when you leave and will automatically lock the door behind you. 

Second, it totally eliminates the whole "fumbling for keys" problem, because not only does it not require you to have a key, you don't even need to pull your phone out of your bag for it to work. Just being close by will do the trick! And finally, you can create as many digital keys as you want to give (and take away if necessary), to all the people you want to have access to your home! How seriously cool and helpful is that? 

Best Features:

  • Use your smartphone as a key to your home's front door
  • Create virtual keys for as many guests as you'd like
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones
  • Tracks those who enter and leave your home via the August Smart Lock app's 24/7 activity log


August Lock
Product Size
2.2 X 3.4 X 3.4 Inches
Package Size
2.6 X 4.3 X 7.8 Inches
0.87 Pound


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