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I’m really excited about this Aura Smart Picture Frame, first and foremost because of how beautiful it is! There are some digital photo displays out there that are more modern and fit in better with a person’s decor, but this one in particular is really elegant and classy. In fact, when I get one, it is going directly onto my nightstand where it will match perfectly!

That said, this frame is also great for the other features it offers as well. Things like smart selection, which means I don’t have to update my frame if I don’t feel like it; it will automatically sync with my latest pictures. Not to mention, it will only ever display my best pictures (great because I don’t need people seeing unflattering ones!) and will adjust to the brightness level in my room, which means I’ll always be able to see my pictures, even in the midst of that harsh afternoon sun glare that always seems to break through my bedroom blinds. Basically this is jut the ultimate digital picture frame in my opinion. 

Best Features:
  • Smart selection means never having to update your frame — it automatically updates itself with your latest photos
  • Advanced photo quality filters mean your frame won’t ever display photos that are blurry, have bad lighting and/or don’t match the frame’s orientation (i.e. vertical or horizontal) 
  • Touch-less display with air gesture control 
  • Auto-display adjusts to match brightness level in room 
  • Auto turn on/off 
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 
  • Compatible with iOS 9+ 

The Aura Smart Picture Frame receives an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Users claim it is a really beautifully designed digital display with an amazing screen. However, it is a bit expensive and could use better slide show options.


Part Number
Ivory with Rose Gold Trim
Package Size
4.5 X 12.3 X 15.6 Inches


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