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Buddy Family Companion Robot

Buddy Family Companion Robot

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Buddy is the ultimate family companion robot. Able to recognize each individual family member, Buddy will help with everything from weather and traffic updates, to sending you reminders and updates surrounding your schedule, act as your personal calendar, alarm clock, stream all your favorite music, play videos, display recipes, patrol and monitor your home while you are away, send you notifications if unusual activity is detected, play interactive learning games with your kids and so much more! Not to mention it will of course allow you to control all your connected devices and products, meaning it is a smart hub as well. Perfect and an absolute must have for any busy family in this 21st century, Buddy will soon become a staple in your family that you will value almost just as much as your family itself. 

Best Features: 

  • Built on an open-source technology platform 
  • Sends updates and reminders surrounding your personal schedule 
  • Acts as your personal calendar 
  • Acts as your alarm clock 
  • Streams all your favorite music 
  • Plays videos -Displays recipes 
  • Helps to control your connected devices 
  • Patrols and monitors your home while you are away 
  • Receive alerts when unusual activity is detected 
  • Interactive learning playmate for kids 
  • Make and receive phone calls 
  • Includes: Temperature sensor, sensing fires and floods 
  • Connects to social networks 
  • Easily share photos and videos with friends and family 
  • Receive weather and traffic updates 
  • Fall detection for elders and medication reminders 
  • Speech recognition 
  • Voice to text technology 
  • Facial recognition 
  • Real time house mapping & localization 
  • Smart navigation 
  • Remote control 
  • Numerous plug-in play technology 

Buddy receives a total rating of 5 out of 5 stars by the editors of Gadget Flow and is available for purchase now.


560 x 350 x 350 mm
above 5kg
Autonomy 8-10 hours
RGP leds
Touchscreen 8'
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Max speed
700 mm/s


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