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Regain control over your network thanks to Circle with Disney, now $75 off!

Circle with Disney

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Amazon is offering Circle with Disney for $24 all-in or free shipping with Prime/orders over $25. That's a total of 75% off the regular price ($99.99). The device is a hardware-based parental control and content filter for your entire network. You have full control over what your family and children can access on the internet.

The Circle with Disney is a smart Wi-Fi hub, that enables you to control all of your home's Wi-Fi devices from a single place. Turn off the Internet as a whole for the entire family or for a single individual within the family any time you'd like with just the touch of a button, or set limits on how often various family members are allowed to use the Internet or even be on sites such as Facebook. This device is great for family time, if you are trying to wean kids off of technology or if one of your kiddos is grounded.

Furthermore, see which apps, sites and devices are keeping the kids and family as a whole most preoccupied or are taking up most of their time so you are able to set limits accordingly. Truly giving you complete control of your family's internet experience, the Circle with Disney is a great device for managing the over consumption of technology in this ever increasing technological age and appears in as a sleek, aesthetically pleasing white box which will easily fit into your home's decor.

Best Features:

  • Manage and control all your Wi-Fi products from a single device
  • Set time limits for various apps and Wi-Fi devices for family members individually or as a whole
  • See which apps, sites and devices your kids spend the majority of their time on

Circle with Disney receives 3.8 out of 5 stars by users on Amazon, most of whom claim it is definitely worth the money, even if there is room for improvement


Circle Media Inc
Product Size
3.25 X 3.25 X 3.25 Inches
Package Size
4.2 X 4.5 X 6 Inches
1.25 Pound


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