Control your lights with the Anker eufy Smart Plug

Anker eufy Smart Plug

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Amazon is currently offering the eufy Smart Plug Mini (AK-T1202121) for just $19.79 plus free shipping when you use the 10% Off Coupon Code. That's about 59% off the retail price and is the best price we could find. Expires soon.

We all know about how awesome smart plugs can be. They are able to turn any standard light, appliance or electrical device into a smart product simply by plugging it in. So what makes the eufy Smart Plug Mini so special? Well, apart from offering all the features we’ve come to know and love in a smart plug (remote control, scheduling, etc.), this particular smart plug is small enough to allow you to stack two per wall outlet or use the second outlet in the pair as you please. 

Plus, it doesn’t require a hub, is compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa and you can schedule your lights to go on and off when you are not home. This can help deter intruders when you’re away for longer periods at a time. 

Best Features: 

  • Connects to the Internet via the EufyHome app
  • Portable power switch
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and no hub required 
  • Sleek, smaller, new size allows for stacking and use of additional outlet  
  • Randomize your lights when you’re not home 
  • Compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa 


Part Number
Product Size
2.19 X 1.5 X 3.15 Inches
Package Size
2.28 X 2.78 X 4.65 Inches
0.03 Pound


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