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EyeQue PDCheck Smart Frames

EyeQue PDCheck Smart Frames

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EyeQue's PDCheck smart frames are designed to accurately measure pupillary distance or PD so that you can choose a perfect size pair of eyeglasses. To use them, you start by ordering the PDCheck frames, obviously, and then they are shipped to you. After, just download the PDCheck mobile app for iOS or Android, put on the frames -- one size fits alls -- snap a selfie, and the app will tell you your measurements. The information is saved to your personal dashboard to review or update anytime. 

EyeQue PDCheck™ is the fastest and easiest way to obtain your pupillary distance (PD). Pupillary distance is the distance between your eye’s pupils in millimeters (mm). While not a medical record, PD is used for ordering eyeglasses, whether in-person or online. Without a good PD the glasses will not feel good and can cause blurriness and dizziness. 

More and more people are looking for the elusive "PD" number, yet existing solutions are stuck in the 1990s-- Most establishments suggest using a "printable ruler", but this is hard to use and may result in inaccurate measurement. There are also smart phone apps that use a credit card positioned under your nose, but this not only exposes your credit card number, but it is notoriously inaccurate.

Introducing the EyeQue PDCheck. Our specially designed frames and smartphone app work together to produce accurate PD measurements that is as easy as taking a selfie (literally!) or a picture of a friend
Best Features:

  • Incredibly accurate PD measurements
  • Use a mobile app to check measurements from anywhere
  • Only the PD is stored not your selfie -- unless you want it to be!
  • No need to use conventional rulers, paper or weird measurement tricks


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