FUGOO Style Portable Bluetooth Speaker

FUGOO Style Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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If you're anything like me, then you are constantly listening to music in the background while you work, in the car on your commute, while you hike, while you work out, when you have family over, etc. Basically, I'm trying to say if you're anything like me, you are pretty much always listening to something. The problem I have personally experienced with this habit though, is that I really don't like to have headphones in all the time. I mean, I get the need when I'm working out or taking public transportation or something, but why get stuck with headphones while I'm camping or hiking or hanging out in my backyard. That's where FUGOO comes in.

This is a totally wireless, portable speaker that will let me enjoy impeccable sound wherever I am, at any time. And I am really talking like absolutely anywhere -- like at the beach, in my backyard, in my bathroom, on top of a snowy mountain, literally anywhere. Furthermore, FUGOO comes in a tone of different colors and is going to look great in your home thanks to its very modern and unique style.

Best Features:

  • Portable speaker 
  • 95dB SPL-A volume and 360 degree sound
  • Waterproof, snow proof and even sand proof
  • Enjoy up to 40 hours of battery life
  • Includes a voice embedded, omni-directional microphone

Overall this is a very high quality speaker in a convenient size, with an amazing look, and receives 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with users claiming it puts out incredible sound and works well overall. However, it could be a bit louder, especially when using for outdoor events, and there are occasional Bluetooth connectivity issues.


Part Number
Product Size
2.1 X 2.6 X 6.5 Inches
Package Size
3.2 X 6.9 X 9 Inches
0.97 Pound


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