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Google Home Voice-Activated Speaker

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GameStop is offering the Google Home Voice-Activated Speaker for $44.97 + free shipping which is over $55 off the regular price. That's a great deal for this voice-enabled smart speaker. The discounted price will show up at checkout after adding the item to your cart.

The Google Home Voice-Activated Speaker is going to be a staple of any modern home when it hits the market, rivaling products such as Alexa and Echo. That's because it is a smart device that is going to act not only as a hub for your smart home, but so much more!

It is going to let you do everything from play music, (via your in home speaker system or just directly from the Google Home itself), turn on your favorite TV programs and/or movies, manage every day tasks and ask questions to anything you might have previously typed into Google, but instead of then having to read the response, you'll just receive an immediate voice answers.

Basically, I'm trying to say this product is really cool and is going to help you streamline your smart home life. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, Google is actually currently working with developers to enable the Google Home to control more than just your smart home, but to also offer the ability to order things like food or flowers, buy tickets to the movies, etc.

All of this combined with the fact that the Google Home also offers the Google Assistant which has been improved via Al and machine learning to offer better two-way conversing with Google than ever, makes the Google Home an extremely desirable product for anyone in this technological age and one I am really excited to try out for myself.

Best Features:

  • Voice activated
  • Interchangeable bases, including various colors and finishes
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

For more information users can go to the Google Home homepage and sign up to receive updates and further information.


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