Haiku I Series Ceiling Fan

Haiku I Series Ceiling Fan

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Haiku Home is changing the ceiling fan game with another series collection -- the Haiku I Series Ceiling Fan. This type of fan combines design, performance, and technology, moving up to 50% more air than the L Series fans and featuring onboard SenseMe Technology like the H Series fans.

This means this fan reads the room's humidity and temperature, adjusts itself to ensure you are comfortable at all times, and detects if a person is in the room, automatically turning itself off if nobody is detected to conserve energy.

Not to mention, it is compatible with the Nest Learning Thermostat, which makes it even more efficient and useful if you are already a Nest Learning Thermostat user. Also, it just looks great, so it's going to fit easily into your decor, whether you prefer a really clean modern look, or a more homely feel.

Best Features:

  • Exceeds ENERGY STAR requirement by 800%
  • With 10 settings - 7 speeds, sleep mode, whoosh mode, and timer
  • Equipped with a silent DC motor

The Haiku I Series Ceiling Fan receives 5 out of 5 stars on, with users claiming to love the aesthetic appeal as well as how well it works.


Haiku Home
Composite Black, Composite White


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