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Here One Earbuds are so much more than just another pair of wireless headphones. Connecting to your smartphone via the Here One app, these earbuds will let you stream all your favorite music, while simultaneously letting you control what sound from the outside world you want to hear.

Allowing you to block out all noise, let in noise from cars and even enhance speech around you, Here One Smart Wireless Earbuds can even be used just to enhance your experience with the world — you don’t even have to be listening to music to get the amazing benefits they offer! Just pop them into your ears, and turn up what it is you want to hear. Plus, these headphones will actually learn what you like best and put in your listening profile, then make adjustments and suggestions it knows you’ll love for you. 

These earbuds are ideal for anyone who wishes they could listen to music while riding their bike, but worries about not hearing a horn or siren, perfect for a girl who wants to walk home at night and listen to music, but is too afraid to block out the noise around her, or great anyone who wants to totally emerge them severs and block out the world. Basically these earbuds are perfect for everyone, in every situation.

Best Features: 

  • Totally wireless design 
  • Connects with Here One app 
  • Stream music wherever you go 
  • Take calls 
  • Total sound control 
  • Amplifies speech 
  • Voice controlled via Siri and Google Now 
  • Smart noise cancellation lets you choose what you want to hear
  • Learns your preferences and makes adjustments for you based off of your listening profile 
  • Includes charging case

Here One Earbuds have received 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon with users claiming that the sound is of high quality and the wireless feature is a huge plus.


Doppler Labs, Inc.
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1.16 X 1.41 X 3.85 Inches
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2.09 X 4.09 X 6.5 Inches


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