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Do you know that your smartphone can protect your car from carnappers? Nope, you don't throw your phone to their heads when you catch them trying to go inside your car. You can use your phone to immobilize your car. Thanks to the iBlue Immobilizer. Now, those thieves can never ever take your car because it won't start unless you unblock your car with a 6-digit pin on your phone. Hah! Now that's smart. You don't ever have to worry about your car while you go shopping, malling or even attending a crowded festival. Get your head off your car and just enjoy your current activity because iBlue Immobilizer users a Bluetooth Smart Connection which is extremely complicated to detect. You can enable the promximity unlock feature, which will unlock your car the moment your phone is detected. This Immobilizer can also be used on your motorcyle, boat, or any commercial vehicle. 

Best Features:

  • Invisible protection, no hidden switches or keypads
  • Use your phone to unlock your car
  • Secure Technology that's complicated to detect
  • Compatible with iOs, Android, and Windows phone
  • Can be operated with several vehicles using different phones


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