Ideaing Smart Toilet

Ideaing Smart Toilet

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Your personal quiet time is something that has long been ignored by tech companies. Ideaing's new Smart Toilet is starting a revolution in your bathroom with a fully featured, fully customizable, wifi connected, app controlled, royal throne

The Ideaing Smart Toilet is, at it's core, a smart health device. Through the web enabled app, users can get analysis of the content of their excrement including color, fiber content, weight, taste, blood sugar, and BAC. There is a ring-side personal assistant device that displays readings from the smart seat like heart rate and body weight. There is even a live video feed to the bottom of the bowl. Never lose sight of a ghost poop again!

All this information is then automatically analyzed through a proprietary algorithm that displays dietary advice. You may get the typical advice of more fiber and less alcohol. However, you'll be surprised to know that it can even give you an exact corn count!

If things get serious, the app will automatically send your content analysis to your family doctor and proctologist. Virtual doctor visits can be scheduled in a pinch right in the privacy of your own home with a live video feed streaming straight to your doctor's office!

On the fun side of things, social media integration is integrated flawlessly as well, so you can share and compare results against your friends. Create a leaderboard for everyone to compete in an office pool! No better way to build lasting bonds than getting to know others in your community with the Ideaing Smart Toilet. Of course privacy is two-ply protected with fractal encryption and an option to wipe your history as you wipe your tush

Lead engineers for the Ideaing Smart Toilet, Dr. Brown and Dr. Unko, have said that big things are in store for the future of this product. Firmware updates and add-ons should keep new features running faster than a gringo after a night of tacos and tequila

Additional features include
  • Built in app integrated surround sound system with bowel shaking bass
  • IFTTT remote control mood lighting to help you relax
  • Built in combo bidet/ water fountain to keep you hydrated through tough bouts of diahrea
  • Water spray notifications that definitely grab your attention

The best way for you to understand the wonder and glory of this new ablution is to get some seat time yourself. The blow-out sale lasts through the weekend!


White w/ Customized Seat
Load Capacity
1 Wet Burrito
Ring-side Personal Assistant, App, Flush Handle
IOS, Android, IFTTT


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