Invinety Wine Aerator

Invinety Wine Aerator

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    The Invinety Wine Aerator is a handheld model that allows you to pour superior tasting wine by the glass. This aerator uses a 3-Step Aeration process to give you the best wine-tasting experience. Customers love that the Invinety Wine Aerator turns decent wine into exceptional, glass by glass.

    Easy to use and easy to clean, this model is an ideal choice. Instead of fumbling with an aerator that attaches to a bottle, a simple pour-through gets the job done. This aerator also comes with a countertop stand, making storage easy and convenient!

    Benefits of the Invinety Wine Aerator:

    • inexpensive
    • handheld design is ideal for glass by glass aeration
    • easy to store on countertop


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