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Lully Sleep Guardian 2

Lully Sleep Guardian 2

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Do your kids always complain of monsters under their bed? Well, you can tell them not to worry because Lully Sleep Guardian is here. It's a new, effective and scientifically proven way to reduce and then eliminate night terrors in children. Simply place the device underneath your child's mattress and use it for 5 minutes a night; the device will emit soft, soothing vibrations as your child goes to sleep, drastically decreasing your child's nightly terrors. After four weeks, it's claimed that 80% of the night terrors will be eliminated. Don't worry, it's recommended as safe to use by top pediatricians.

Best Features:

  • Scientifically proven to decrease and stop night terrors using simple vibrations
  • Only requires five minutes of use each night to be effective
  • See results after only four weeks of use

Lully receives 3.9 out of 5 stars by Amazon users, who claim that it has worked wonders for their young children! However, some users claim it has taken longer than four weeks to be fully effective and others claim it would be nice if it included an automatic off function.


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