Maxxima Plug in Night Light (4-Pack)

Maxxima Plug in Night Light (4-Pack)

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Can't sleep with the lights off? So, do you keep your light bulb switched on all through the night? How about having a soft glow night light that consumes minimum power instead? It's the Maxxima Plug-in Night Light that I'm talking about.

It's a plug-in night light that activates automatically in the dark, thanks to its dawn to dusk sensors. The bright white LED provides a nice warm glow, just enough light to help you see your surroundings at night. This helps you fall asleep faster.

This pack includes 4 lights. You can have one in your bedroom, bathroom, hallway, and your kitchen. Keep them in strategic places, such as the places that you always go in the middle of the night. That way, you don't have to switch on the blinding ceiling lights.

Best Features:

  • Activates in darkness with its dawn to dusk sensors
  • Gentle warm light output
  • Energy efficient LEDs, no need for bulb replacement
  • ETL-approved
  • Comes in a pack of four

If compiled, the ratings of over a thousand Amazon reviewers is high at 4.4 stars. They say that the lights have helped them navigate through the night and emits enough light to light up a small bath.


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