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Wouldn't it be great to know who is at your door, without having to get up and check? Without having to look out the window to see who it is? Or without having to risk just opening it and seeing who is there? Well now there is, with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. This is a smart doorbell that is going to allow you to see and talk with whoever is outside your home, all directly from your smartphone! 

Not to mention, it is equipped with infrared LEDs for clear night vision and the option to video record moments and store them on the cloud so you can see whatever is going on outside your door no matter what time of day or night it is. A truly great product in the world of the smart home, this device will help to ease your worries and concerns about protecting your home. 

Additionally, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro lets you create customizable alert zones, so you can rest assured you will be notified of any activity that occurs within the area of your home's entrance/front porch or lawn.

Best Features:

  • Be alerted when there is activity outside your home or someone is at the door via your smartphone
  • Equipped with 1080p HD Video
  • Two-way audio
  • Equipped with optional cloud video recording

This product receives 4.1 out of 5 stars on both TechHive and PC Mag, both stating this product is easy to install and is great for recording and security purposes, however, there does seem to be noticeable lag time between doorbell and smart phone alerts, and there is at least as of right now no video on demand.


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