simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor Trashcan

simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor Trashcan

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The simplehuman 2nd Generation Semi-round Sensor Trashcan is stainless steel and equipped with infrared technology that allows it to sense when there is definitive motion over the lid, which opens automatically for a hassle-free experience. Additionally, this trashcan's lid easily lifts off for easy access to the liner inside, and includes a wide lip to keep the liner securely in place while still in use. Furthermore, this trashcan is equipped with a nano-silver coat, which helps to protect its exterior from finger prints and germs for a clean look at all times.

So, in other words, this trash can will open itself, which is great for those moments your hands are a mess but you need to throw something away (like when you are cracking egg shells, for example). Also, this means you aren't ever going to have to deal with the bag falling down the side of the inside of the trashcan and creating a big mess when you pull the bag out. And finally, it means having a great looking, shiny trashcan in your kitchen at all times, even if you have little ones with sticky fingers running around constantly.

Best Features:

  • Automatically opens when motion above the lid is detected
  • Outer lid lifts off for easy access to the liner inside
  • Includes a nano-silver clear coat to protect the exterior from finger prints and germs

Overall this is a quality trash can for any kitchen, home or office, and even includes a five year warranty, receiving an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


Part Number
Grey plastic lid
Product Size
25.2 X 15.4 X 12.8 Inches
Package Size
18.5 X 19 X 29 Inches
8.6 Pound


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