WeMo F7C071 Insight Switch

WeMo F7C071 Insight Switch

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The WeMo Insight Switch is a smart outlet with Wi-Fi capabilities that allows you to control daily electronic devices from your smartphone and from anywhere in the world. Giving you the ability to turn on or off various devices before they get home, this smart outlet is great for those who are energy conscious and wish to have more control over their homes.

Furthermore, this device is able to run a customizable schedule that will send you various notifications throughout the day so you can always be up to date and "in the know" of what's going on in your home!

Best Features

  • Control your daily electronic devices from your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere in the world
  • Compatible with iOS, Android and Amazon Echo
  • Wi-Fi capabilities

Overall this product receives 3.8 out of 5 stars by Amazon users, with most claiming that this product is a great idea and works well at first, but overall is poorly made.


Product Size
1.98 X 2.48 X 2.48 Inches
Package Size
2.1 X 4.6 X 6.1 Inches


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